Blog Evaluation

9 Feb

The blog I chose to evaluate is called PR In Your Pajamas: Practical Publicity for Entrepreneurs.  I found it on an online list of the top 100 PR blogs.

PR In Your Pajamas was created as a DIY public relations blog, to help small businesses and people interested in doing their own PR.  It was created by Elena Verlee, and entrepreneur and founder of the PR agency Cross Border Communications.  She boasts 20 years of “brand building experience” and has worked with both start-up and large scale businesses.

The blog gets updated regularly, twice in the last week, and contains a lot of information about using social media for public relations.  It is easy to read and navigate, perfect for looking up quick tips.  It also has a “start here” page, which has a nice list of quick links to important posts, explaining what PR is and how to use it effectively–good for learning new information or being refreshed if you’ve been out of the game for a while.

In addition to information geared solely to PR, Verlee uses the blog occasionally for posting information relevant to the success of ALL endeavors.  One of her recent posts featured a book titled Triple Your Time Today:  10 Proven Time Management Strategies to Help you Create and Save More Time! The post talked about how maximizing our sleep can ensure a more productive workday, contributing to the success of your business.

The author makes herself easy to reach by providing a contact page including a phone number and links to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

This blog provides useful information within the content of the posts as well as through links provided within the template.  There is a list of resources on the side of the page which includes information on coaching, links to PR case studies, PR resources, time management and a slew of other helpful links.

While I think this blog is effective, it seems that there are already so many out there like it.  I haven’t seen anything new and different that this blog provides that I couldn’t get anywhere else.  It lacks the enthusiasm required to really put this blog on the map–it ranked 49/100.  One of the elements of a successful blog that Brian Solis mentions in his book, Engage!, is that that it fills a void or solves a problem.  Unfortunately, I do not think this blog really does that.  The blog contains useful information, yes, but it is nothing that can’t be found anywhere else.

Overall, I think this blog’s ranking (49/100) is suitable.  It’s a decent blog with good, easy to find information but it does not bring anything new to the table.  It would be something I could keep in mind if I needed a quick, crash-course on PR but as a whole, there isn’t a whole lot to keep me engaged and checking back regularly


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