Engage: Chapter 6 and 7

9 Feb

In chapter 6 of Engage!, Brian Solis discussed the importance of images in social media.  I agree that photo uploading is an integral part of any online communication.  The ubiquity of smart phones and their ability of upload images to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr on the go have completely changed the way we interact.  No longer do we need to describe where we are, what we’re doing or how much fun we’re having.  We can SHOW everyone, instantly.

I thought the number of how many photos are uploaded to Facebook was ASTOUNDING.  One billion a month!  But then I think about how often I upload pictures–at least 10 from my trip to Bell’s Brewery this weekend–and it’s totally believable.

I also thought that JetBlue’s use of their Flickr account was innovative and efficient.  A great way to get the word out about upcoming events and news… A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

In chapter 7, Solis talked about dashboards and social networks.  While I fully understand the concept of a social network, the dashboard is a little confusing to me.  Looking at the image provided for the Chevy VoltAge dashboard, I do not see any difference between a dashboard and a regular webpage.  Maybe these days websites are so interactive that they all follow the dashboard model?

Solis did give EXCELLENT advice in this chapter: “Do not make users create new login credentials.”  I tend to stay away from logging into accounts from my Facebook because I don’t like all of the connections, but when I want to log into a news website quickly to post a comment, it’s great when I don’t have to create an entirely new account.  I think it’s important for brands and businesses to remember that the easier it is for users to contribute to their content, with convenience and quickness, the more success they will have.


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