“Engage!” Chapter 9

14 Feb

This chapter has a lot about online videos and how to use them to promote your brand without being super obvious about it.

The most interesting thing I took away from this section of the chapter is that, “there’s no such thing as viral videos or viral marketing.” This is interesting to me because it seems that TONS of companies are abandoning traditional marketing (Don Draper would be out on the streets if he tried his tactics in today’s world) and going for the “viral” approach.

Even in television commercials, many companies use home video testimonials instead of the standard filmed customer review.  They do this to make the testimonial seem more honest and legitimate.  Half of the time, in the more typical commercials, you’re never sure if the person proclaiming the greatness of the product is genuine or just an actor.

But the reason I found it interesting that there’s no such thing as “viral marketing” is because you always forget that it’s the people spreading the video that make it go viral, not the video itself.  It seems like all your video needs to do is provide a good laugh and it will be an instant hit.  And with all of the coverage these viral videos get, it makes sense for millions of people to be trying really, really hard to become the next viral video star.

Brian Solis makes good points (as he usually does) that it’s about how you market your video that makes it go viral, and not JUST the content.  SMO in video tagging is really important because it allows viewers to reach your video through their searches.  It’s also important to be genuine and honest in your videos; if viewers can tell you’re staging something to get a lot of views, or being pushy/obvious in your brand promotion, they won’t want anything to do with it.

And the point of a video isn’t just to get a million views… it’s to get a message out to people! You don’t want to just have a video that’s funny for five with no real meaning.  People want something that they can relate to, that will stick with them.


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