Let’s talk about Pinterest.

16 Feb

In the ever-changing online world, there always seems to be a new craze that everyone is jumping for. The current flavor of the month? Pinterest. Everyone is talking about it. As it turns out, Pinterest is the fastest growing website, ever.

I will admit that even I have recently become addicted to the website, which is unusual for me-I try to abstain from getting myself involved with every new social network and internet trend.

However, I am still trying to figure out it’s professional merit in the fields that use social media the most: PR and journalism.  A quick search on the site for “journalism” pulls up some interesting, humorous images and a few book links.  At a quick glance, nothing catches my attention as particularly helpful or useful on a local level–it’s nothing you can really use to find sources or get your work out there, as there are no local “networks” to connect to.

Journalism Warning Labels- these come up multiple times in the "journalism" search

A search for “public relations” seems to yield a little more useful results.  There are a lot of book recommendations and interesting infographics pertaining to PR and social media that have a lot of “quick and dirty” sort of information.  It links to books, informational sites about what PR actually is and successful PR agencies.  It also brings up Edward Bernays and Ivy Lee near the top of the page of pins–the fathers of PR.  These alone would provide fledgling PR students with some must-have information about their field.

Maybe it’s because Pinterest is just getting started that it doesn’t seem to yield many professional-field results.  It’s core user base seems to mostly be crafters, home decorators and foodies.  It is quite a fantastic place if you’re looking for cute DIY organizing ideas or great recipes.

Only time will tell if Pinterest will grow to be as useful as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIN in the professional world.  Facebook did not start out with any professional merit… It had to earn it.

One thing is for certain: Pinterest is something to keep a close watch on.


One Response to “Let’s talk about Pinterest.”

  1. estark1 February 20, 2012 at 2:57 am #

    I very much agree. Everyone keeps talking about how much pinterest has taken off. I too am one of the many addicts of the site, not being able to go a day without seeing what new DIY projects and wedding ideas are posted.

    I have seen many people talk about it is professional value but I still don’t see it. Most people use it for fun I have yet to see really how it could be used professionally. I think that when people start seeing ads and what have you on it, that it will cause people to stop using the site as much. Just as people find ads on facebook pestering.

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