Social Media and My Productivity (Or Lack Thereof)

7 Mar

A lot of discussion has been going on about employees surfing the web while they should be working and how much revenue companies are loosing because of it.

A quick Google search tells anything from $200 to $800 BILLION.  That’s right. $200,000,0000,000 to $800,000,000,000.

That’s a lot of zeros.  Could that be right?

When I think about how much valuable homework time I lose by just taking “a quick break” to check my Facebook (fast forward one hour and I’ll knee-deep in the comments section on a particularly good thread on Reddit, my homework long forgotten) for every hour (or less) I spend actually working and it seems about right.

Having the internet at my fingertips constantly, and having it be required for a lot of my homework, does absolutely NOTHING for my productivity.  It was a lot easier for me to get things done before MySpace and Facebook took over my whole life.  There was a point in my youth where I would open up a new tab in my web browser and instinctively type “,” even though I already had a tab open on that website and intended to go somewhere else.

But those days are long gone…  Now, I instinctively type “facebook.”

But what brings this up is a study that I just read that makes the very bold statement that surfing the web while doing work can actually make you MORE productive.  Apparently, taking a quick break to browse the internet can be just as refreshing as going out and grabbing a coffee, if not more refreshing.

Allowing employees to check out the websites they want (like Facebook) for a couple minutes allows them to return to their task restored and ready to keep working.

I guess this makes sense.  Once I finally drag myself back to my homework, I work a lot more diligently.

But of course, this could be because two hours have passed and I have no choice but to work diligently lest I miss my deadline.


One Response to “Social Media and My Productivity (Or Lack Thereof)”

  1. carissa5252 April 17, 2012 at 4:28 am #

    I find myself getting really distracted by facebook and other social media sites when I’m doing homework. But when I worked in an office I would have my facebook and twitter open all the time but I felt like I could more easily get my work completed compared to how much homework I get done (or don’t do) when I have those same sites off . The break from work was a positive thing that I could reward myself with by getting so much done than allowing myself to have a break.
    For some reason the balance between time spent doing social media things and doing hw things are very unequal with hw losing out every time.

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