“Engage!” Chapter 15

13 Mar

In this chapter is where I see myself as a digital middle child.

There are our parents and older siblings who see no reason to cultivate a digital reputation and persona.  Then there are our younger siblings who are already doing this and sharing EVERYTHING, with no misgivings.  Then there is myself and a lot of people my age.  We go about our business, sharing what we like to share but still resisting in someway.  We’re half committed to the the idea of having our entire reputation and personality displayed online, and have trouble coping with the fact that this is how we will be judged in our future, professional endeavors.

I like to express things and share but only with people who I know are looking.  For the most part, I have the privacy settings on my Facebook as high as I can get them and I don’t post anything personal on my Twitter.  I don’t really use any other social networking sites so when you search for me, there is not a whole lot that comes up.  Mr. Solis would probably think that’s a bad thing, but I don’t like the idea that someone is going to form an entire opinion on me based on a few things that I post.

I think that even if I DID share everything and foster a perfect digital reputation that allowed people to see everything I wanted to see as a professional, people still would not get the same impression of me as they would face-to-face.  I don’t like all of this talk about creating digital personalities.  Sure, they’re convenient but I really think we should still encourage face-to-face interaction!!!

I’m really stubborn about that, too.


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