The Art of the “Tweet-Up”

15 Mar

I’ve recently been turned on to the latest medium for in-depth conversation: Twitter, believe it or not! Yes, the website that forces you to chirp out your most profound thoughts and ideas in 140 characters or less can actually be used to have great discussions.

Tweet-ups, twitchats, tweet-meets, whatever-you-wanna-call-ems generally take place at a scheduled time, once a week.  They have a host and a corresponding #hashtag.  The host asks questions and every one partaking in the tweet-up tweets the answer with the hash tag.

I call this post “The ART of the Tweet-Up” because there is some  serious skill involved in keeping up with these discussions.  As instant as Twitter wants to think it is, it’s not as fluid as an oral dialogue.  You still need to wait for all of the Tweets to go through and if you’re a little bit behind, they’ll be on question 5 before you can get out the answer to question 2.  Not to mention all of the side chatting going on, all with the same hashtag.  Forget trying to multitask or doing more than one discussion at a time because you’ll get lost in an instant.  And maybe apologize to your regular followers because they’re about to be BOMBARDED with fragmented responses.

But after you work out all of the kinks (thank god we did some practice tweet ups in class… I’d be a lost little bird without being shown how they work), they’re seem to be very promising!

I found one that I have been following weekly called #journchat.  I’ve yet to add to the discussion because I want to become familiar with the style of questions and the usual participants (so that I don’t look like an idiot).  They seem to be a great way to network and gain followers with similar interests (both professional and otherwise) and stay up-t0-date on the current conversations.

I look forward to participating in Tweet-Ups in the future.  They are a great resource.  I encourage everyone to find a weekly Tweet-up related to their field.


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